A look into the past

Viveros Verón was born more than 100 years ago with the purpose of providing farmers with healthy and high-quality fruit trees.

Authorized nursery with an official registered nº ES-02-50/0001 from the province of Saragossa.

100 years of history

Nowadays Viveros Verón is a global company, specialized in the production and selling of a vast variety of fruit trees. We accompany and support our clients in each step they need help with in order to successfully develop their project.

Our global presence


Accompany our customers in an honest, humble and professional manner to generate the maximum value regarding their plantations.


Through innovation and continous improvement, we adapt to change to be able to keep bringing value to our customers year after year.


Through easy and open conversations we seek the satisfaction of our customers, improving our process in order to optimize their time and resources.